Thursday, August 19, 2010

Separation of Church and Hate: The Kate Mosque Solution

I love Greg Palast, I love Greg Palast, I love Greg Palast.

For days I have heard talkers from both left and right wrangle over who is going to create the best one-liners to summarize their position on The Mosque (that Ate the News Cycle).

In his latest post (you can read it on his site and Buzzflash) Greg, as usual, just knocks it out of the park with lines like:
Given that white Christian supremacist Tim McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, shouldn't we ban white churches from Oklahoma?
My office was in the WTC towers, which will now be rebuilt with all the upscale shops I remember. So, Mrs. Palin, are you saying it's OK for Muslims to shop at Ground Zero as long as they don't pray there?

The new tower will have the old one's Off-Track Betting windows and bars with after-work "happy hours." So here's a solution to make everyone happy: Why not camouflage the mosque as a place to gamble and get into your secretary's panties?

How about disguising it as a discount fashion shop: Kate Mosque? Or as a Disney retail outlet: Mickey Mosque?
And then pointedly adds...
Several new Christian churches have been welcomed near Ground Zero ... in Hiroshima.
'Nuff said (oh how I wish that were true).

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