Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Slicky" John McCain, Media Freeloader!

If you're paying attention-- and proud progressives are-- the topic of this video is no surprise. For the rest of you, WAKE UP!!! McCain is a media freeloader!!

What HAS he done to garner such admiration anyway?

Navigate 4 (or is it 5) multi-million-dollar jets into the dirt, ocean or aircraft carrier decks? Wimp out and write a phony confession after just 4 days of the kind of torture he now supports the CIA administer for MONTHS to so-categorized "enemy combatants" (humans less susceptible to pain)? Gets nailed assisting criminal Charles Keating with bank fraud and now hires the chief bank fraudster deregulator, lobby-hack Phil "Never Seen A Whiner I Couldn't Bilk" Gramm for advisor? And even if Gramm is hiding in the weeds his influence still malingers (sic).

Oh, did I point out that John McCain is living evidence TORTURE GETS YOU PHONY INTEL?!! Hello? McFly?

Wake up and smell the linament (or is it lubricant) Mr. and Ms. Media because something with McCain is slick.