Monday, February 04, 2008

IRAN Internet Cut-off By Flimsy Optical Cables-- Not Flimsy CIA Operations?

In my never-ending quest to "Just Say No" to the winger equivalent of Britney Spears hysteria (that would be most Conspiracy Theor-mongering) a little insight into just how "usual" it is for undersea optical cables to be broken. Figure in the fact that three alone run through the same channel and I think you have a good reason to get back to focusing on a few of the real crises-- like global heat death-- for example?
Fragile and expendable, finger-thin undersea cables tie the world together: "The lines that tie the globe together by carrying phone calls and Internet traffic are just two-thirds of an inch (1.68 centimeters) thick where they lie on the ocean floor."
Again, just saying...

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